Let me introduce myself to you. Hi! I’m Alven 17 years old, I live in Imus, Cavite, Philippines and I am a Senior High Student in De La Salle University-Dasmarinas. Traveling around the world is the best thing to do in our lives. Every places that I travel is achievement to me because my goal is to travel around the world until I can. Welcome to ALVEN BLOG! and let me tell you the story of my travel in the Island of Calaguas.


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Move over Boracay, Aklan,  El Nido, Palawan, Bantayan Island, Cebu and Palaui Island of Cagayan Valley. There’s another world-class beach destination that is beautiful and worth your attention…it is the white shores of Calaguas Island in Camarines Norte!

October 8, 2016

Mercedes Fish Port (5).JPG

I thought that I will not join in the trip because I have a classes and its the due date of performing a poem in the school but as my goal, I will sacrifice it. I thought of a solution to still have grades and my teacher told me to pass a video about the PAMBANSANG WIKA. The day came and our vehicle was a van and the places that we started transporting is from Imus, Cavite.  Actually the main objective of our travel was to Bicol. At first I didn’t know that we are going to Camarines Norte and I was very happy when my Tita said that we will go to a beach.

IMG_2702.JPGIt took 8 hours to go to the port and after that we rode in the big boat the fishermen said that the capacity of the boat is 40 persons and we are 31. The amount of the rent is Php 500 per person back and forth. The first 30 minutes of the transportation is good because the water is stable but when we were at the middle of the sea, I was alarmed because the waves are getting higher and the water kept striking the boat but when we passed it, the sea became calm again.


When I saw the island I was not surprised but when the boat got nearer, I was very “shookt” because the beach is very wonderful.  It boasts of powdery white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and unspoiled natural resources…a place where you can truly relax while enjoying the beauty and serenity of the place. It was merely a two hour boat ride from the port.


The people taking care of the island welcomed us very kind. They offered us nipa huts and kubo at PHP 2500 including free water for cleaning dishes and taking a bath. Then, I fixed my things in the kubo and spent time in the beach.


Unlike other beaches where the shore is restless the whole time, there are moments when the shore can go so quiet and the wind so still, it makes the island a perfect place to reconnect with yourself. Talk about romantic moments with your loved ones because there was no Internet and signal.


We spent our time talking to each other in the beach having a great connection with each other. We played volleyball and taya-tayaan. We had a great time and good memories in the beach.


After spending time with each other, my uncle and my Mommy wanted some fresh seafood and the people told us to go to the small village at the back of the beach. One boy joined us to be our guide. Going there was hard because there was no vehicle, we just walked and it took us 25 minutes of walking under the sun. When we go to the small fish stalls, we saw big sea creatures and the price of it was like 30% discount at the supermarkets at the city.


It’s 6 P.M. and I spent my time taking pictures, meditating, and relaxing in front of the beach. The beach was at peace because some campers stayed at their tents. I swam around alone because I love spending my time for myself, understand myself and to heal myself. I went back to the kubo at 11 P.M. to sleep because at the morning we will go back to the port to continue our adventure in Bicol.

It’s 8 A.M. in the morning and it’s time to go back. That’s all! Thanks for reading and taking time to read my blog.




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