Hi! Welcome to the second part of my travel story of Singapore! I hope you are having a great time reading my story! Let’s continue where we left off…

APRIL 8, 2016

This day is my younger brother’s birthday! And also, in this day, we continued touring around Singapore to witness ourselves the beauty the country has to offer.

Singapore Zoo and River Safari Singapore

Our first stop, Singapore Zoo and River Safari Singapore! We didn’t go to the Night Safari (which is actually beside Singapore Zoo) because animals there are active at night and we went there morning. I would recommend to those who loves seeing different kinds of animals to go to these places because it has a variety of those animals!

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We toured the whole zoo, we rode a boat (with a tour guide with us explaining the animals found in the river trip) and we walked! Aside from entertainment, you are burning calories along the way! It was my first time seeing most of the animals in there especially the PANDAS (actually it’s my second time for a panda)! I can explain how cute the panda was especially when it was playing and rolling on the floor. If I can just cuddle it and play with it!

I was truly mesmerized by the diversity of the animals found inside the zoo. Birds, reptiles, fish, mammals, and so much more! It is really a must-visit place in Singapore.

Lucky Plaza & Merlion Statue

Walking along the busy streets makes me a bit uncomfortable, especially when people just don’t seem to notice whenever they hit something but still, they walk continuously. We toured around the downtown after going from the zoo and rain was slightly falling to ground. In order for us to save taxi fare and let the weather calm down, we went to¬†Lucky Plaza along¬†Orchard Rd., a shopping place where many Filipinos do business. While my parents are buying souvenirs there I went around to tour the place, and luckily I saw a¬†Jollibee the the upper floors! It was a perfect timing because I was hungry! After they bought souvenirs, we ate at Jollibee.

I can say that the food Jollibee in Singapore is a bit different from the food Jollibee here in the Philippines is serving. One thing I’ve noticed is that Chickenjoy there doesn’t have any blood at the inside at all (compared from here, sometimes chicken has still blood inside)! And also, Palabok there is different. But still, I can say that Palabok here is much more delicious!

After that, we went to the Merlion Statue at the Downtown Core and from there started our great walk-trip to the Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay. The Merlion is truly a sight to behold because of its astonishing appearance. At the time we were time, there were lots and lots of people at the deck trying to take pictures with the statue. And luckily, I got a picture for my own!

Marina Bay Sands & Gardens by the Bay

Well, you might think we stayed at that expensive hotel, but it’s not (well, I hope someday I can stay there so I could swim at the Infinity Pool). We just at the top level of that building in a small portion called¬†Marina Bay Sands Skypark. It is a place where you can witness the amazing view of the Singapore skyline at also the beautiful sunset. When we got up there, many people were already there ¬†waiting for the sunset and the lights of the city to come. Well luckily, we got a space to stay on (well, space THEY got to stay on). You know I’m afraid of heights so I didn’t look don below or go near the glass surrounding the area. It’s just so frightening!

*Note: Before we go to the skypark, we toured around The Shoppe which was just inside the building.

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We stayed at the top of the MBS for a short time. After that, we went to the¬†Gardens by the Bay to experience another kind of adventure. It is a place full of trees (literally) and also, full of lights! It has a time when there is a lights show for everyone to see, and we were lucky we watched that! It was so amazing! Unfortunately, we didn’t go inside some parts of it like the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest because we lack time and it’s too expensive for us that time. But still, it became an entertaining time for us.

Later that night, we ate dinner at Makansutra Gluttons Bay just near the place where we came from we witnessed another astonishing sight! The Marina Bay Sands presented a lights show that played all over the night sky! On the other side, the skyscrapers near the area presented a beautiful view which made the last part of my day complete.

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APRIL 9, 2016

This was the last day of our stay in Singapore. We didn’t do much that morning aside from packaging and enjoying the Internet. One thing’s for sure, I wanted to swim. My wish was granted and we went swimming at a pool near my cousin’s place. It is also because my cousin’s husband is always swimming there so he supported our wish to swim. The consequence? My skin got darker after an hour of swim. How unfortunate. Later that afternoon, we went to our flight back here in the Philippines and continued our everyday lives.



Travelling is not just going to other places to have entertainment. In travelling, we discover things not common to us and it give us memories that will not be forgotten. Travelling is much more enjoyable if you are with your family or friends. Remember the two words “carpe diem” which means “seize the day”. Enjoy the days while it last! Have a safe tripping!


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