Since it’s summer time, most of the people will find a place to travel, to eat, to relax and etc. But, sweets will never get out of style! So, me and my friend decided to find a shop that will make our cravings satisfied!!
Love Desserts, Manila, Philippines. April 29, 2017


Love Desserts is considered as the first and the original dessert buffet in the Philippines. And, it is affordable to the citizens plus unli desserts!

Beware of the No Leftover, No Sharing Policy!

Some of the well-known artists in the Philippines visited this shop.

The Taste Buddies

Love Desserts offer some food like;



  • Truffles


    and many more!!

Love Desserts is the perfect place to bond with your friends, family, or your special someone. Create memories while you’re enjoying the ambiance and the taste of every desserts you see, for your life will surely be sweet!

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-Angela Alcantara


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