Summer getaway in Hundred Islands, Philippines


Hundred Islands is located in Alaminos city, Pangasinan Philippines. It is composed of 124 islands when it is low tide and 123 islands when it is high tide. me and my family along with my boyfriend visited the place on April 21, 2017. We traveled approx. 5 hours.


The place is very beautiful as soon as you peaked outside your car. You can smell the sea breeze and see the beautiful sites around you. We stayed in a transient that is next to the port, some transients offer other services like you can rent one of their “bangka” and go to an island where you can swim. The port alone is so pretty to look at, especially when you see other people waiting in line for their “bangka” to take them island hopping.


The place has many activities set out for you. Per island there is a distinct activity waiting for you.  In the middle of the boat ride the “bangka” will stop at a small floating hut, there is an activity called “Helmet Diving.” We were given 15 minuts to go under water to see all the giant clams and fishes that are present. They were also kind enough to take pictures of us while we were under the water.




On the next island which was named Quezon Island, is one of the most upgraded islands. Complete with Jetskies, scuba diving and Banana boat rides and a lot more. And of course it’s famous white sand beach that is similar to Boracay, you can have a picnic by the beach or go swimming on the clear blue waters. We had to try the Banana boat ride, which is also similar to the ones they have in Boracay, but in this ride they are not allowed to tumble the passengers. We are seated on an inflatable boat which is tied to a speedboat, we were then pulled by the speed boat. We travelled so fast that water splashed our faces and we were suprised by how much of that water splashed all around. We toured along the premises, you could see all the islands and all the tourist who are enjoying their stay.

IMG_8324Some of these islands are connected, like the Governor’s island and the Virgin island. It’s connected by a floating man-made bridge, getting there was tough. You have to climb the top of Governor’s island and go down the other side. After that you’ll see a floating man-made bridge, you have to cross that then climb the top again to see a spectacular view of the different islands, you’ll also see yourself standing on the beach of the Virgin island. Our stay was fun and memorable. The 5 hour drive was worth it to get away fro all the stress we were getting. It was truly and adventure we won’t forget. From all the laughter we shared to the mountains of food we ate, it was so worth it.


A link to my where I made a video about our trip:



By the end of 2 days we packed our bags and went home. It was the break we deserve from the hard work we’ve done. This has been Paulene Tenefrancia, sunburnt but happy and satisfied.


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