Summer is around the corner, and I know you’re making a fuss about the summer heat like “OMG it’s so hot here in the Philippines”, “Beshy it’s so hot, let’s go swimming”, and you have decided to have a refreshing weekend getaway with your family or friends, but you don’t know where to go. Well friend, let me introduce you to a beach resort that will make you feel the summer vibes and refresh your body and mind… The Katungkulan Beach Resort.


Boracay de Cavite now named as Katungkulan Beach Resort which is located in Ternate, Cavite. What makes it more interesting aside from being named as Boracay de Cavite, is that it is located inside the Gregorio Lim Marine Base, which is managed and protected by the Philippine Marine Corps, which makes it different compared to other beach resorts.


April 30, 2017

My cousin, which is in Canada made a plan of having a swimming outing on Ternate with my family and the family of her husband (I know, it made you think on why is she the one who planned on having an outing, even though she’s not going, and she’s more excited than us). From our house (Gen. Trias, Cavite), we traveled for 1.5 hours all the way to Ternate, Cavite. At the gate, the guards said that the beach was overpacked and there were no more cottages left, but we can have mats laid on the sand.We paid P100 per head ( free entrance for children 7 y/o & below), but if you’re having an overnight stay, you have to pay P200. As we enter the beach resort, we were shocked by the number of people.


The resort’s amnesties includes rooms (rate: P700/night) and open cottages (rate: P350 – P450/night) for those who want to stay for an overnight. There is also a sari-sari store where you could by some snacks, drinks, toiletries and some souvenirs. Grilling station if you want to grill some foods, bathroom and shower (which is not well-maintained). And a volleyball court, which intrigues me.



Boracay de Cavite – Katungkulan Beach Resort




Volleyball Court


Rooms & Tents


Rock Walls & Formations perfect for your “selfie” moments

We really didn’t plan on going to Katungkulan Beach Resort. We went first to Ternate Beach Resort, but when we got there, people were going back because the place was fully booked! We searched for other nearby resorts and we saw Puerto Azul. After entering the “main gate”, and we thought that the beach is near, but it took us 15 minutes to reach the beach, and we felt like we’re inside an intestine because the path was full of curves. When we reached the beach, we checked it first if it’s okay, but we decided to find a beach that is better. One of my cousins remembered that there is a beach resort nearby that was called Marine Base, so we drove straight there because we were so excited to swim, and that was the story on why we went to Katungkulan Beach Resort and how we spent an amazing experience.


I really didn’t expect anything about the beaches because the last time I went into a beach is when I was a kid, but it was a fun and relaxing time for me since my finals week is getting near, and I need to have a chill time. I enjoyed this day with my family and new friends. I think we should do this more often to have more bonding time with each other.

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Overall, I liked this place. It is recommendable for family outings, summer getaway with your “squad”, and reunions. Other than refreshing yourself from the summer heat and feeling the summer vibes, the moments you spend with your family and friends here will be unforgettable and you will cherish every part of it. I’m 100% sure that you will enjoy here in Boracay de Cavite. I would love to visit here again!! Tara G?

– Mark Baldostamon


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