First of all, I really don’t know what kind of food am I going to choose and taste. My first choice is different kind of Japanese foods but it seems like its very expensive. Then, my brother says that think of a food that wasn’t expensive. So, I decided to choose burgers. Why burgers? In Imus, we have a lot of burger house here. It’s so easy for me to go their place.

Then I decided to start my blog last April 22, 2017 and I was accompanied by my brother that time.

First stop: Eat.Sleep.Burger located at The Avenue, Lancaster, Imus, Cavite. 

I tried their bestseller burger which is the Triple Quarter Pounder worth Php 115.00 only and additional Php 45.00 for fries & drinks.

Taste of the food: It’s delicious, especially the meat. No regrets! 👍

Presentation: Good 😀

Ambiance of the place: Simple. 😀

Staff: Hospitable


Second stop: Clash of Burgers located at Poblacion 1-C, Imus, Cavite.

Clash of Burgers was inspired by the game/application Clash of Clans, from the name of the restaurant up to their menus. I tried their Giant Burger with a Triple Quarter Pound Patties that costs Php 155.00 only with fries & drinks.

Taste of the food: They have thick patties (grilled) and it’s tasteful.

Presentation: Simple yet presentable

Ambiance of the place: It’s very clean and simple

Staff: Cheerful

Third stop: The Black Apartment located at Poblacion 3-A, Imus, Cavite.

A literally color black building and one of the most popular burger house in Imus. A place where you can take photos and saying ” pwedeng pang-IG “. One of their bestsellers was Hole in the Wall. Instead of burger bun, they used glazed donuts for the bun. Hole in the Wall costs Php 185.00.

Taste of the food: It has sweet & juicy patties.

Presentation: Elegant. “pang ig”

Ambiance of the place: It looks like a restaurant

Staff: Kind but they are not smiling.

From these 3 bestsellers, I prefer the taste of burger in Eat.Sleep.Burger because its patties were cooked well and it’s very delicious. ❤️❤️


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